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 According to Strong’s Concordance, the Hebrew word Shiyloh translates as ‘tranquil, peace or rest' in English.

Shiloh Tabernacle is, therefore, a 'house of rest’

The name Shiloh is applied twice in the Bible, firstly as a Messianic title in Genesis 49: 8-10, where Jacob’s blessing to Judah emphasised superior leadership ability and triumph over his enemies.
Shiloh referred to the Messiah who was soon to come, and was described by Prophet Isaiah as, “The Prince of Peace.”
(Isaiah 9:6)

Secondly, Shiloh is used in reference to a place wherein:
a) Joshua 18:1 -10:
 the children of Israel set up a tabernacle of meeting, so they can meet with their God to exchange their weariness from fighting for their inheritance, His rest and peace.

Jesus in Mathew 11:28, says ‘come to me all you who are weary and heavy-laden and I will give you rest’ -  This is where the rest of the children of Israel received the allotment of their inheritance.
b) I Samuel 1-18:
 Hannah gets a son after a long time of barrenness.
c) 1 Sam 3:1-19:
The young man Samuel was called into service.
Shiloh Tabernacle as a ministry, therefore, is a place where:

  • the enemy is devoured and defeated by the ‘Sceptre’ – authority and dominion is given back to children of God by the Lion of Judah;
  • the weary and heavy laden will receive rest and peace;
  • the children of God will receive their inheritance;
  • where dreams and long awaited promises from God just like Hannah’s are received;

At Shiloh Tabernacle, people will discover their mission and purpose in life; their gifting and ultimately answer to the high calling from God – just like Samuel did.

Come and experience a new wave of God’s power to propel you into your destiny.